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11: New Direction for the Blog

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At Long Last!

Although my blog is only young I've come to a realisation about blogging already: It requires time. I have a large number of draft blog posts. Half-complete. Some in note format waiting for me to come along and turn into a complete post. I know now that is unlikely to happen. Before wedding season came a along I was finding it relatively easy to sit and write quite large posts about what I've been up to. But then the first wedding of the year comes along and rolls into the second, and third and before I know it, It's December and I've not published a new post on my blog since the summer!

I'm such a terrible blogger! It's frustrating. So much has been going on in 2012 in terms of photography and I could have sworn I've been writing about it all online, constantly!

So, what have I been doing?

Well, it turns out that actually I have been writing about these things, as I thought. I've just been doing it all elsewhere. I've been posting to my Facebook Page and Google+ page increasingly, and the posts are all lengthy too...Those posts should have been blog posts, here on my site. It makes so much sense too that they should be here on the blog: I can control the layout, the text. I can illustrate what I want to say about my images far better, rather than being limited by the confines of Google and Facebook.

I consider myself to be a relatively good writer. I think I can wield the English language with some conviction, it's just always been a case of time. Having a young daughter and a busy household means I rarely get the time I need to sit and dedicate to writing. I also often get sidetracked when writing a large blog post! I go off on tangents. I do enjoy writing so I guess I fall into the trap of writing too much and ending up with nothing at all...if that makes any sense?!

Am I made for blogging?

So, I got to thinking. How can I make regular updates, in one place and remain committed to the blog? I hate seeing large gaps in time where I don't post anything. Then I thought about other people's blogs and how they stay on top of things. The likes of Trey Ratcliff - he posts every single day. Not necessarily something huge and descriptive, usually a single HDR image with details of how / when / where he shot it and opens the floor comments and feedback.

Also, Google and Facebook provide a winning format to prevent you from wandering off topic: Upload a picture. Write a comment.  I can do that. In fact I think I do that quite well.

Well, I've decided I'm going to do the exact same thing here on my blog from now on.

On my Google+ page in particular I've been posting images and writing extensively about them: Where I took the image, when I took the image, details about the gear I used etc. I normally give some back-story about the people / place in the image to give some context too. It seems to me that this way of writing and updating seems to fit my workflow far better than writing a story where I'm free to 'waffle' and bore people.

So, from now on, I'll be posting a single image from my library with a story as to how that image came to be.

I do hope the format is to everyone's liking and I really do hope it gets me back into the habit of blogging on a consistent basis.

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