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14: Three Little Bridesmaids

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This is a shot I took at a wedding I photographed back in June for Dean & Shelley Allen. Dean and Shelley were married in a breathtaking church ceremony in Berkshire (UK) with their friends and family present to wish them well. I would describe the Allen wedding as perhaps the happiest wedding I shot in 2012, friends, family & guests were all just happy, happy people!

Just like little, trained models: The Three Little Bridesmaids from the Allen wedding. June 2012

Despite being June in the UK it was an oddly wet and cold month. Rain was forecast for the day, but luckily it didn't come. It was a beautiful hot & sunny, yet rather windy!

The Story

I arrived at the house where Shelley and the bridesmaids were getting ready to find everyone in high spirits. The young children were running around, Shelley was relaxed whilst having her hair done and everything was ahead of schedule. It was a superbly organised morning.

After taking some shots of the dress, the tiara's and the flowers the youngest bridesmaids were instructed to go get themselves ready. They had all stayed at the house overnight and were still at this point in their pyjama's!

They each ran up the stairs giggling and came down just minutes later with their beautiful little dresses on. They came back into the conservatory, where Shelley was getting ready and began to 'accessorise'; putting on their tiara's, necklaces & bracelets. They were clearly loving the occasion and thoroughly enjoying playing the roles of bridesmaids.

There was actually 5 bridesmaids in total - the two missing from the image are were Shelly's maid of honour, and her youngest daughter, Ruby. Ruby had become quite camera-shy by this point. She wasn't overly keen on the flash and also became quite warm from the greenhouse effect going on in the conservatory.

The Image

Such was the fun the girls were having that morning I wanted to take a shot that showed the fun they were having. I wanted to take some portrait style images of the girls together looking their best.

I must admit, they took direction very well!

I took the girls back into the conservatory where there was a brown wall. I removed the canvas prints that were hanging there and moved some of the chairs to create a nice plain background to shoot on. The conservatory itself must have been east facing; the sun was beating down. Fortunately, though there were cream blinds throughout . I drew some of the blinds and I managed to achieve a very soft, but most importantly even light, particularly on the area that I had set up for shooting.

I shot quite a few images of the bridesmaids together before Ruby had decided she didn't want her photo taken any more, so she just left. The three remaining girls were still very much enjoying every minute of having their photo taken. Each time the shutter clicked they'd adjust their pose - just like trained models! Brilliant.

After a few 'uniform' shots with them each holding their flowers in the same way I thought it would be fun to see what the girls would come up with if given the freedom to make a choice.

I asked them to each pose in whatever way they felt comfortable. Smile however they wanted and just have some fun.

This image is the result of that!

I was so pleased: they each did something very different ad this gave a very fun shot. I've re-edited this image a number of times but I think this version is my favourite

Tech Specs & Gear

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon 24-70 f2.8L USM (mark 1)
Focal Range: 24mm
ISO: 200
Aperture: f2.8 
Shutter Speed: 1/250


Adjusted in Lightroom 4. Minimal crop. Slightly enhanced red and increased sharpness. Spot healing on wall behind. Vignette. Grad filter upload coming up from the bottom of the picture to calm down the white in the dresses.

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