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16: Waving Goodbye To 2012, Welcoming 2013 With Open Arms

Michael RammellComment

I just wanted to write a very quick message to everyone to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to you all.

Congratulations to those who were married, those whom were engaged and to those that found new love.

If you're trying something new, anything new, in 2013 I wish you all the best with it - exercise, diets, routines, work, children, photography etc....whatever it may be I hope it makes a positive impact on your life.

As my family and I say goodbye to 2012, we reflect on what has been a wonderful year. As with any years there are bound to be a few down days. After all  not every day out of 365 can be a great day, right? 

My heart is with anyone who has felt tragedy during 2012. Never forget those things or the people that we have lost! Remember that we're likely to experience many high's and hopefully not-so-many lows within the next 12 months. What matters most is how you deal with and react to those lows. The negatives in 2012 were there to serve as a great lesson and great reminder of how lucky we all are to have what we have in our lives already. Make sure that in 2013 you remember what we learnt from 2012 and use that to be a better person.

Best Wishes

I would sign off on 2012 and welcome in 2013 by saying

'Onwards and upwards. Chin up. Knuckle down and see you in the new year. Best of luck to all. and most importantly, be healthy and be merry!'


Michael Rammell - The guy with an extremely positive outlook for 2013

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