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19: Confetti!

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I wouldn't be surprised if recently you've been looking at this blog and wondering why on earth a wedding photographer is blogging about landscapes, nature and other, essentially, non-wedding related photography. Well, as I say in my profile my passion is not just for weddings and my pleasure isn't just in handing over great images to clients - I also get immense pleasure from just making pictures!

There are days when I'm not shooting weddings so, to please myself and keep my skills sharp I go out and I shoot other things. After all, photography is my passion!

Fortunately, if you're a bride or a groom or someone doing some research and looking for a wedding photographer; today's blog post is another wedding image! So, we're back on topic (I'll probably post another landscape later in the week though! :) )


This is Hayden. A very cute little man from Sean and Lesley's wedding in late 2012. Hayden is Lesley's Nephew (and is now Sean's too for that matter!) and he was a brilliant subject to photograph on the wedding day. I find children to be excellent subjects. Most of the time their innocence shines through as they seem to have far fewer inhibitions about what they're doing on the day when everyone is watching and when someone is walking around with a big camera! Hayden was no exception.

After the registry had finished we all went outside to the lawn area for group shots, handshakes, family congratulations and for the bride and groom to have a quick sip of champagne. This is usually the part where everyone decides to get out the confetti! (one of my favourite parts of the day. I've got hundreds of confetti shots among my favourite wedding shots!)

As is typically the case only a handful of people will bring confetti along with them, so, whilst they each empty a small amount into each other's hands to ensure that everyone has at least a little something to throw, i take a moment to organise where I want people to stand. Sometimes we'll do a 'guard of honour' with two rows of family members standing in front of one another and then having the bride and groom walk down the middle through a downpour of confetti. Other times I'll have the bride and groom backed into a corner and have a tonne of confetti thrown at one time. Whatever way we do it we always get some pretty fun results.

So, almost immediately after receiving his small amount of confetti and being specifically told; "Now wait until the photographer says go!"...Hayden launched his confetti into the air with this cheeky little look on his face. I was very fortunate that I was kneeling down watching what Hayden was doing. You could almost see that as soon as he was told not to...he was definitely going to!

Well I don't mind. It made for a great little image from the day and one that the Bride and Groom loved. It's actually one of a series of images: here are the scene's building up to Hayden's confetti launch. Enjoy!

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