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21: Playing with Composition

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Before the snow started to fall in January, I spent a morning with Neil Graham (+Neil Graham / @NeilGrahamPhoto) at South Hill Park in Bracknell taking photo's. The subject? My cousin and his 'Diablo' (see Diablo). Ok, so, in honesty my cousin isn't quite as good as the young kid in the video, but he's got some skills, and he's a much better poser too:

I'd spent so long looking at the picture's I'd been taking of the snow that I'd almost forgotten I had these images! I edited them and passed them onto Neil and then became totally pre-occupied with the snow. Neil then wrote a blog about the day and reminded me of it.

I guess being around a camera from a young age and having his picture taken so much  he's very used to posing and taking instructions, he was more than willing to sit in the cold and smile for the camera.. He does the moody / serious look very well:

The great thing about South Hill Park is the garden. There is a very picturesque landscaped garden with little places to take photo's everywhere. In the picture above my cousin was sitting beneath an arch under a raised patio area. The arch itself lent a very nice naturally occurring vignette to this shot, which I really liked. That, and the extreme off centre position we had him sit. I really like this image. Seeing as he looks all alone  in the image sitting very much way past the rule of third I applied this cold, de-saturated filter to the image.

The last few images I'll share are of my cousin showing of his 'mad' Diablo skills. I gave it a go myself and could barely get the thing spinning. I looked up some video's on youtube and it seems to me that it takes a lot of practise.

I'll stick to photography!

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