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20: The Serenity of Snow

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Snow is a rarity in the UK. We typically get it once a year if we're lucky. Not everyone enjoys the snow though as it seems to bring the UK to it's knee's! Train services are disrupted, people can't get to work. I'm sure there are plenty of people who are anti-snow.

Personally I love snow! I love driving in it. I love snow ball fights. I love the freshness snow gives the air, the nostalgia that comes with snow - it takes me back to childhood memories of sliding down long, steep hills on a metallic tea-tray we used to have. Falling off and grazing elbows and then doing it all again! without a care in the world. You're invincible as a child and the snow makes everything more fun!

January 2013 has seen some of the best snow the country has seen as far as I can remember and as such it would have been criminal to not go out and take photo's.

The snow seems to add something special to an image. I think the idea of seeing the trees with a dusting of snow on their branches and beautiful blown-out white backgrounds can be a very appealing feature in pictures. The snow also reflects light and helps to add light to an image and light is all-important in any picture. It's like a big flash that can make colours in an image 'pop'.

I just find snow beautiful and fun to photograph. It adds atmosphere to an image.

This year, so far, I've been making the most of the snow. I've been out every day since the first day it started to settle. I don't care whether it's the middle of the day, the black of night or first thing before sunrise: the snow offers an opportunity to get some unique images that you probably won't get for at least another year, if we're lucky.

So please enjoy my images of the snow from January 2013. Click to go full screen!

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