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25: I thought You Were A Wedding Photographer?

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Don't be mislead by this blog title - I am a wedding photographer. But I would forgive you for mistaking me for a landscape or nature photographer if you've been following my blog so far in 2013.

The thing is - the wedding season here in the UK does not last all year. Clearly, this is a country with mild weather (at the best of times) and I've never heard a bride say "I'd love to get married in the rain!". So, during 'off-season' I keep my skills sharp by engaging in my other photographic passions: nature, landscapes and long exposures, which is why since December I've been out as much as I can shooting in the fresh cold. Sure, the images aren't wedding related but I need to do all I can to ensure my technique is well practiced somehow.

It's been some time since I last posted a wedding related image to any of my social feeds or my blog. Admittedly this is probably very, very bad practice for a wedding photographer. It's just been too cold for weddings here in the UK recently. We've had huge downpours of snow and generally just wet weather.

Fortunately I've got a whole host of weddings booked for wedding season in 2013, starting in April lasting right through to December. So, I'll be back posting some beautiful wedding shots before long.

As such I thought I should probably get back into the habit of posting a wedding photo each day and telling the story behind the image...

The First Kiss

When shooting weddings I try not to have a shot list If I can help it. I mean sure I'll shoot the regular stuff; the dress, the shoes and the group shots, the 'bread & butter' as it were, but I find if you have too much of a pre-conceived idea as to what it is you're going to shoot you can easily fixate on that and not necessarily be ready for those spur-of-the-second moments. It's these shots that are usually the 'wow' shots that my clients love. Those moments that they perhaps can't even remember, or, didn't think much of at the time but make for an amazing memory) . If the opportunity arises I will shoot those basic scenes slightly differently; I'll improvise to come up with something just a little outside of the box at least. I would hate for one clients' images to look too similar to another client's image - everyone should have unique and precious photographs that remind them of their wedding day.

This shot was a little bit like that. Gemma and Dave are completely smitten with one another and that was only amplified on their wedding day. It was a beautiful sight to see two such wonderful people so madly in love with one another and their first kiss was perhaps one of the most passionate kisses I've been able to capture. The smile on Gemma's face says it all - Dave was looking so intently & deeply into Gemma's eye's during the entire ceremony and Gemma was returning the gesture. I'm sure the two of them were in a world of their own. I've no idea if they even realised there were around 50 guests in the room with them :)

Beautiful Smile, Passionate Kiss

I love this picture because you know their kissing, but the focus is on Gemma's smile, her expression. rather than being an obvious kiss - a touching of lips - this is implied - You can almost see them engaging in the kiss.

I'll leave it to you to let me know whether you think they're about to kiss, or have just kissed...I know :)

(What's also nice is when your Assistant Photographer gets the same shot from a different angle:

A different perspective on the same beautiful moment

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