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43: My Podcast Interview with Andrew Hellmich from Photobiz XPosed

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Not so long ago, back in June I sat down with Stephen Cotterell - the host of the Photography 121 Podcast and recorded a conversation for public consumption. Based on the feedback it seems it was quite well received and that people enjoyed listening to mine and Stephen's musings. I must add that I found the whole thing to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience too!

Following on from that conversation with Stephen I've now appeared on another photography podcast!

This time I was a guest on the popular Photobiz Xposed podcast.

In this podcast Andrew Hellmich (host) and I talk about the business of photography, including: Getting started in business, knowing your numbers, how to set your prices, marketing, my improvement since getting over a gear obsession and the ever-popular subject of 'Making the Transition to full time photographer' .

I've no problem in admitting I'm not a full time professional (yet). I certainly am a professional but I just have a day job too. In the interview with Andrew we discuss this in depth with no-holes-barred and even go into detail and take a look at the money side of things too. 

Premium Membership Content

But...before I tell you where you can go to listen to the interview, please note that there is also some bonus material that Andrew and I recorded for those people who are a Premium Members of the show. Andrew and I dive into the spreadsheet from which I run my photography business. It's an all-in-one tool that'll total up your working hours, figure out the tax and then tell you your hourly rate (in Sterling, as well as Canadian, Australian and US dollars.

Not only that if you're a photographer who's getting started and can't quite figure out how to set your prices, this part is perfect for you, as the spreadsheet has the answer! (as long as you know your cost of living)/

The bonus material is considered to be premium content, so, if you enjoy the free part of our conversation and want to hear more, be sure to head to the premium section and sign up. You'll not only get my bespoke photography business finance & cost calculator, but also a whole host of premium content from the numerous other photographers Andrew has interviewed since the Podcast started, such as Jonas Peterson, Jerry Ghionis and others.

So, without further delay, sit back and enjoy this Photobiz XPosed podcast Interview featuring your truly. (Links to the Photobiz X website and iTunes below)

Website: Photobiz Xposed Podcast Episode 27: "On The Path To Full Time Wedding Photography Success" - Interview with Michael Rammell

iTunes: Click here to view the PhotoBiz iTunes page where you can subscribe. This option also allows you to pause, rewind and listen whenever you like whilst out and about

About Andrew Hellmich

Andrew Hellmich is a successful portrait and wedding photographer in Australia and has been shooting professionally for over 10 years now.

As well as running the very popular Photobiz Xposed Podcast & Website, Andrew is a keen cyclist, a family man and loves his holidays!

From personal experience I can tell you he's pretty good at making his point when there is a character limit, so be sure to add him on Twitter too. He's friendly and interactive guy! (Just keep the time difference in mind when you tweet him, okay?) 

If you're not a Twitter user, or just prefer Facebook, Andrew is also active there too

Andrew Hellmich - Host of the Photobiz xposed Podcast


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