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24: "Hard & Mean" - Shooting Golden Tanks

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Last Thursday evening I went along to The Rhoom Studios in Hurst, to photograph Golden Tanks - The band that my old friend Matt Wilson plays drums for.

Matt sent me a message on Facebook quite some time ago asking If I'd go along a shoot a few pictures of the guys for some PR and Marketing material. The band are currently getting a few things together to promote their new E.P coming out in April and their upcoming gigs and tours.

Golden Tanks are a 'Southern/Rock/Hardcore' band and play some pretty hard, fast and heavy stuff. They had some rave reviews for their self-titled debut E.P 'Golden Tanks' (available in iTunes), with praise from all quarters: The 'Tanks got 8/10 from Rock Sound, 4/5 from Punktastic, 4/5 from Alter The Press and DelayedUK scored them a mighty 4.5/5!

So, they're pretty well reviewed by the press it's going really well for them. Plus, I'm a fan - so go check them out!

Wanted: Guitarist & Bassist for Awesome Band!

After the success of 2011 & 2012 with their 'Golden Tanks' E.P (available on iTunes) the band are looking to push on in 2013. However, a few weeks back Ryan (Bass) and James (Guitar) went their separate ways, leaving just Matt, Ben & Matt (White).

But that hasn't stopped them - defiant and driven the guys are planning to push on and fulfill their upcoming gigs and tours. They've already put down the new tracks for the new E.P due for release in April and now have everything together to go to print and advertising...it just meant that for now at least the press material would feature 3 band members instead of 5:

(Left to Right)

Matt Wilson on Drums, Ben Sivyer - Vocals and Matt White - Guitar.

"Hard & Mean"

I had been speaking with Matt Wilson for a few weeks and making plans to get to the Rhooms to shoot them whilst they practiced. The idea was to a few shots for the media at the same time. I asked Matt what sort of look he was after for the band, I knew that it'd be something gritty but I wanted Matt to tell me in his own words what it is they were looking for. Matt said "Can you make us look 'Hard & Mean'?" Well, that was going to be fun, being a wedding photographer I'm far more used to actually photographing smiling brides and grooms in white dresses & tuxedo's! But I was looking forward to giving this a try.

After watching the guys play a few tunes and go through their work it was photo time. We cleared an area of the room they were practicing in and they sat on the floor. To me it seemed as if the guys knew exactly what they were doing. Ben sat in the middle, flanked by the Matt's and immediately, straight rock & roll faces were on and they were ready for me to shoot. I had the guys sit against the wall for this shot. Ben sat directly under a down lighter and created this pretty cool harsh light effect, causing deep shadows. It just seems to add to the effect the guys were going for:

Heading for the top - Golden Tanks

With both of these images I added in a little grain, cranked up the clarity for a gritty effect and added quite a strong vignette to each image. It just so happens that my favorites are the black and white shots - the black and white just seems to suite the mood the guys wanted to achieve. I produced a few different versions of the images for the guys with some different colour overlays and other variations such as a de-saturated look and some extreme contrast images.

The End Result

The image that the guys ended up going for was the image with the harshest effects applied. This was submitted to their publishing company, Inception Press:

Inception Press Image - Golden Tanks

So, keep an ear-out for Golden Tanks this year. They're local, they're heavy and they're trying out a new bassist and a guitarist in the next couple of weeks.You can get in touch with the band through Facebook, or email them @: GoldenTanksBand@hotmail.com

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