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33: Announcing Photowalks!

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I'm pleased to announce a new partnership with Neil Graham from NeilGrahamPhotography.com. We have put our minds together and are delighted to offer fun and educational photo walks in and around Berkshire.

Learn to use your camera and make better photographs!

We've combined our ideas, skills and passion and put together a series of fun and educational walks in some of our favorite photography locations. You'll not only have the chance to learn how to use all of the features of your camera and take your photography to the next level, you will also have the chance to come away with some amazing photographs of street scenesnaturelandscapescityscapespeople and also some more experimental photography such as long exposure and light painting.

 Make photographs just like this on one of our walks around Richmond Park

Make photographs just like this on one of our walks around Richmond Park

What do we know?

Between us we shoot Weddings, Aviation, Sports (including Motorsports & football), Landscapes, Nature, street photography, long exposure and head shots...whilst we specialise in our own area's, we've tried our hand at many types of photography and have gained a wealth of knowledge.

What will you learn?

It doesn't matter what gear you have, bring it along and we'll help you understand the controls and what they do so that you can produce better photographs. If you're using your camera on P mode or Auto you're only using a tiny fraction of your camera's potential. By switching that dial to Manual (or one of the 'priority' modes) you can achieve some truly incredible results that the P & Auto modes just can't achieve. We'll teach you about shutter speeds, aperture and ISO as well as composition and a few basic rules that help you turn your snap shots into high quality photographs! Having both Neil and I to hand also means you get more time to learn! With small groups and two teachers you should be able to have all of your questions answered.

Where are the walks?

For now we're looking at running a series of walks at Richmond Park where you can photograph Red & Fallow Deer. The days are long and warm and new fawns are being born in the next few months so it's the perfect time to head to Richmond with a camera. We planning future walks in Windsor, London, Virginia Water and other locations too so keep an eye out!

When is the first walk?

We've got our first walk penciled in for Sunday 11th August, starting between 4pm - 6pm.

How much does a walk cost?

The Richmond Park walk will be £30 per person...That's right...just £30 per person! And remember both Neil and I will be on hand to guide you to making better photographs! Now that is value for money!

How do you book?

Register your interest here and we'll send you more information

More questions?

If you need more information we've put together a Frequently Asked Questions page here, so, hopefully all your questions are answered. If you still have questions though please do get in touch! We're happy to chat and listen to your questions

 Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

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