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35: Volkswagen Campers at Dubs In the Park

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Hi all and welcome to post 35!

This post was supposed to be a review of OnOne Software's Perfect Photo Suite 7, but I haven't been able to get it working on my computer just yet and I haven't had the time to resolve it. (It's not an issue with Perfect Photo Suite, it's an issue with the machine I'm trying to install it on). That, and my new iMac should be here within the next few days so I've decided to just wait until I have that and then I'll go ahead and install Perfect Photo Suite on that instead.

So, in place of the software review I thought Instead I'd share a few photographs from a little car show I went on Sunday.

Dubs In the Park

I had a call from Neil Graham to say that there was a car show going on over at Easthampstead Park at the weekend and that it was £5 to get in. I thought seeing as it's relatively cheap and there are lots of cars there should be plenty of good photo opportunities. In addition to that we're heading off to photograph the Le Man 24 hour race in France in June so I thought it would be a good Idea to get some practice photographing cars.

Firstly, before we even arrived I had a pre-conception about what it was I wanted to achieve and come home with, which can be quite a risky thing. The reason that is so risky is that you can often obsess with trying to get with what you have in mind and all the while miss the perfect photo opportunities going on around you. I will admit i think there was an element of this for me when Neil and I were at Dubs In The Park.

Restoration Efforts

The first thing I noticed when we arrived was how many cars there actually were. I genuinely wasn't expecting there to be such a huge turnout. There must have been around 300 or Volkswagen's - Old & New. Some restored to the condition they were in the day they were made (some even better!), some that were on going projects and some that were experiments (i'll talk more about that shortly).

When we arrived the first thing that Neil and I seemed to both want to find were the VW Camper vans. They're notorious and full of character, making them a great car to photograph. Once we found the camper area we got to work, but we were sharing Neil's wide angle lens between the two us to get up close, but still get the camper to fill the frame:

Ongoing Project. A little bit of rust on show really shows the age!

With this shot I was only about 10 inches away from the camper, but thanks to the extremely wide angle I was still able to fit the entire front of the camper in. It also creates and interesting warp-effect which I really think works on this image (and on car photographs in general).

For those car buffs out there I think this is a Volkswagen Type 2 - please do leave a comment at the bottom and I'll update that if this is not the case!

In the background there you can also see a few other Vintage VW's.

The next Volkswagen to catch my eye was just a few more cars along. You could hardly miss it: A bright orange Volkswagen Karmann Ghia (again, please correct me if I'm wrong here VW enthusiasts!)

Karmann Ghia: Another 'project' car in bright orange

The one thing I loved about all of the vintage Volkswagen's (well, nearly all of them) is that they have these brilliantly classy black and silver number plates. I really appreciate these and so wish we could bring them back into production. I appreciate standards and the need to have the most visible plate possible, but these simply look far better!

As I mentioned above, there were some pristine cars, some that were still a work in progress (like the Type 2 Camper and Orage Karmann Ghia I've a;ready shown you), but there were also some surprises:

Experiment in Rust: the VW Beatle / Bug

At a glance you could easily mistake this car for having a brown paint job, but I would encourage you to click the image to enlarge.

You'll notice that the body is actually entirely rust!

I wish now I'd stopped to speak to the two young guys standing next to this tk ask them 'Why?!'. There was a small sign to the rear of the car saying 'please do not paint - experiment in rust'. It seems to me that many of the cars at the show were suffering with a little bit of rust, but this was one that had just taken it to another level. Never the less, despite the condition of the body work, I overheard the owner saying that the engine was in tip top condition and the little Beetle ran very well.

Speaking of tip top condition, and as I've mentioned before, some of the cars were possibly in the best condition they'd ever been since the day they were built There was one Red Golf Mk1 that had all original parts and not a single sign of rust or damage to it. Pristine.

But the car that I found to be in the best condition was this sky blue Karmann Ghia. Both inside and out it was like it had just rolled off the production line (well, out of the factory):

The rear engined Volkswagen Karmann Ghia - just like new

Granted, some of the parts under the, er, boot, look like modern day parts, but I was so impressed by the immaculate condition of this engine that I just had to photograph it. The owner has clearly invested a serious amount of time and effort into getting this engine into this condition. I've seen cars that are a week old with dirtier engines than this!

Of all the cars at the show, this Karmann Ghia (and another Dark Blue one) were my favourites of them all. Inside and out this one had been restored to a beautiful finish. I found I was taken back by a sense of nostalgia when looking at these cars, and more so when I saw the beautiful simplicity of the speedometers, steering wheels and the classical radio tuner. I had to take shots of the interior in more detail: (click to enlarge)

Another post goes by where I talk about photographs that are totally not wedding related, but the wedding season is about to explode into life for me. I've got a few weddings in June, more in July and even more in August and that continues throughout the year until December, so keep checking back if you're looking for wedding related content! 

I've got numerous engagement shoots coming up with all my lovely brides and grooms and also a cheeky few days in Le Man where Neil Graham and I will be photographing the events. We also plan a video blog / diary which will eventually lead into a photography podcast that will most likely start later in 2013. So subscribe now to keep up to date with everything that's happening!

That's it for now. I've got a few more photographs from the day that I'll be uploading to my various Social Media presences, so feel free to catch me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ if you would like to see more, and as always please do leave comments below!

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