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46: Average Wedding Costs

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Last week I was contacted by an online PR firm, working on behalf of Nutmeg, an online Investment Management Company.

The reason for this PR firm contacting me was because they'd seen my recent blog post entitled 'Why is wedding photography so expensive?'. It's a post that's been doing the rounds and attracting thousands of hits each week here on my website. Clearly the question 'Why is wedding photography so expensive?' is a hot question to ask! The person in question who emailed me was keen to show me an article that features on the Nutmeg website.

After reading the email I decided to take a look at the link and I must say, I was really impressed with the format of the Nutmeg website. In particular, Nutmeg have a great little sub-section to their site called 'nutmegonomics' , which they describe as "Personal Finance With a Twist". What's great about 'nutmegonomics' is that you can read finance news filtered by articles that focus on a series of categories, such as 'Family', 'Finance', 'Play' & 'Work', meaning there really is something for everyone.

Well, It seems the chaps over at Nutmeg have collated a number of recent surveys from brides and grooms and produced some data showing the Average Price of a Wedding here in the UK.

According to the Nutmeg website:

As we dive into the deep-end of wedding season, recent surveys reveal that budgeting for the big day is not the top priority. In fact, costs are spiralling, parents are footing more of the bill and honeymoon destinations are becoming increasingly more exotic.

 So, I just wanted to go ahead and share this InfoGraphic from Nutmeg. You can of course view the full article here on the Nutmeg website: Nutmeg - The Average Cost of Weddings.

My original post relating specifically to the cost of wedding photography can be found here: Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

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