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Reflecting on 2014

Michael RammellComment

Blink and you missed it! 2014 has now passed us by. Well, at the time of writing there are 9 hours left of 2014, but by the time most people read this it'll be 2015.

It has been an absolutely splendid year! I got to photograph some of the most amazing clients to date, with some of the most beautiful dresses, amazing flowers and utterly breathtaking venues. My clients and I all had a lot of fun working together over the past 12 months, that's for sure. 

If 2015 is half as good as 2014 then I'm in for a real treat as a photographer!

So, now that we are indeed at the end of the year and all of my client work is complete I can finally sit down here in the office with a cup of tea and take a look through the thousands of photographs I have produced for my clients and pick out my favourites.

You may recognise some of these photographs from Social Media and you may have spotted others from my portfolio: sometimes, as a photographer you make a photograph that screams out to be included in your portfolio, so in it goes, but the photographs I'm sharing with you now were strictly made in 2014. So, get comfy and have a good look at these photographs. Enjoy!

Behind each of these photographs there is also a wonderful story that my clients and I all share. The people, the moments, the places - 2014 was a great year and one of the best in my memories.

I hope you had a great 2014 as well. May 2015 bring you health and happiness. Best Regards Michael. x

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