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5 Day Black and White Photography Challenge

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In the photography world there is a bit of a viral craze going on at the moment called The Black and White Challenge. The idea is that one photographer will challenge another to post a black and white photograph every day for 5 days in a row. With each photograph that photographer shares on social media they then have to nominate another photographer to take on the same challenge.

It's a great little challenge and one I thoroughly enjoyed. As you may be able to tell from my Portfolio I'm rather partial to a black and white photograph! :)

The result of all of these challenges is that Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are all filled with some beautiful black and white photographs.

I was recently nominated by a photographer friend of mine Nicola Rowley over on Facebook. It was actually the second time i was nominated - the first time I was nominated was Mary Angelini.

Thank you both for nominating me guys!

Today I want to share with you the photographs from my most recent nomination to take part in this challenge. I decided that this time around I would choose wedding-related photographs from the past 12-18 months. Here are the 5:

From Lee & Toni Hind's Wedding, 2013

From Matt & Hannah Summers' Wedding, 2014

From Dale & Catherine Beeches' Wedding, 2014

From The Robinson's Wedding, 2014

From Paul & Alex Greenwood's Wedding, 2013

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