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41: The Soul Society

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Each and every month my wife and I both donate to charity. We like to do what we can when we can afford to. More recently though I've been choosing to donate to The Soul Societya charitable organisation setup by world-famous wedding photographer and trainer Jerry Ghionis and his wife Melissa Ghionis.

Together, these guys are making a huge difference. And I want to be a part of that

The Soul Society 

The Soul Society is a project driven charitable organization. The money raised by your generous donations will provide continuous aide for one orphanage at a time, helping these children not only survive but flourish as adults. Once establishing the ongoing care for one orphanage, the Soul Society will then begin caring for another.

Our goal is to increase the number of orphanages benefiting from your generosity at a minimum rate of one per year.

With each contribution to the Soul Society, you will have the unique opportunity to stay up to date with each project, monitor the progress we make and see firsthand how your donations have affected the lives of these children. Click on the “Projects” tab to learn about the orphanages we are helping right now as well as the ones we have helped in the past thanks to your generous contributions.
— Jerry Ghionis

Why I donate to the Soul Society

Well, in addition to the fact that this is a very good cause and one that supports something I believe in massively, I support the Soul Society because of Jerry and Melissa too. As well as being an extremely talented and multi-award winning wedding photographer, Jerry is also a teacher. It never ceases to amaze me how much Jerry is willing to give. Not just on the road, year in year out at seminars and conventions, but also on the ICE Society Website - A members based website where Jerry shares everything he does, from the settings he uses when he's shooting, his attitude and approach during a shoot, his thought process and so, so much more.

Jerry and Melissa are the sort of people that just keep on giving and they've inspired me to do the same.

So, head over to the Soul Society website now and make a donation! 



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