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51: Ready Steady Pro - An Interview with Lee Jones (Podcast Episode 3)

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For Episode 3 we step away from our usual round-table format for a show with a bit of a difference. Today is an interview with our very own Lee Jones of Phitography.co.uk.

It seems that you guys (the listeners) want more content! The thing is doing 2 round-table episodes per month is a logistical challenge all it’s own, so doing more would have really been difficult. So, as a result I decided it’d be a great idea to get to know each one of the guests a little better by spending some time with them. Today Lee stepped up to the mic to talk about his photography ambitions and share some of the challenges he’s faced in getting where he is today.

Lee Jones, Principle Photographer at Phitography.
Father to 2, Husband and has a full time day job. 

In today’s conversation Lee and I discuss:

  • The value of photography to different people
  • The value of our time as people and photographers
  • Running a small business whilst having a full time day-job and a family to attend to

..and much much more.

Please do note as I said at the very start of our conversation both Lee and I were suffering from severe flu at the time of recording. Many will tell us it was a bad case of man flu and that we just need to ‘Man-up’ – well, we did. Despite our poorly conditions we spoke at length and in great detail about the wonderful world of photography, and all for your listening pleasure.

I also wasn’t going to let Lee get away without leaving us a little Gem – Just because this is a little different from usual episodes doesn’t mean we can get away without sharing something with you guys!

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Today’s Little Gems

This weeks Hosts

Michael Rammell
Lee Jones

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