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36: Photography 121 with Stephen Cotterell

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Welcome to a much-delayed post here on the Blog. It's been a hectic few weeks with lots of weddings happening (see this coming Friday's blog post for a sneak peak at Paul & Alex's wedding at the Gate Street Barn) and a few other things keeping me away from the computer - namely moving house! So, as a result my internet access is extremely limited meaning whenever I am at a computer I'm usually not at it long enough to sit and write a full post here on the blog.

Fortunately, today's blog isn't too long: I don't need to sit here and type extensively as today's content is all audio!

Photography 121

Last Tuesday  (11th June) I met up with the genuinely charismatic and likable Stephen Cotterell - the voice behind the Photography 121 Podcast.

As the name suggests the podcast is a one-on-one conversation between Stephen and his guests, who are usually photographers. What I enjoy most about Photography 121 is that Stephen has a talent for asking his guests questions that really make them think hard about the answer. This knack that Stephen has makes for an extremely engaging listen where you're likely to find out a lot about the person that Stephen is speaking to.

This conversation was no different. Stephen probed and prodded and asked me a great number of things I perhaps hadn't considered before. I left Stephen's house with far more questions that answers!

So, if you have a spare hour head over to the Photography 121 to website and take a listen. Alternatively you can download and subscribe in iTunes so you can pause, rewind and listen on-the-go. If you do make use of iTunes please do also add a comment and a review about the Podcast. It's a great way of helping others' find it.

Link: iTunes

Link: Photography 121 website

Who is Stephen Cotterell?

In my view, Stephen is a very intelligent, English gentleman who lives in Kingston, UK. Stephen is a man who seems to have an extremely well-rounded, none judgmental view on all things in life. Upon meeting him and after only a short chat it's clear that he has a keen interest in people and what makes them 'tick'. A pleasure and a joy to have shared a conversation with.

Stephen Cotterell - Photograph by Eva Slusarek @ http://www.eva-photography.com/

Next week on the blog

On Friday I'll be sharing with you a handful of the Photographs from Paul & Alex's Gate Street Barn wedding. So keep an eye out for that! 

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