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Surrey Wedding Photographer

Have a think about it: Is there anyone on your wedding day that will have more access than your wedding photographer?

As a photographer, we're there from the very first moment as you start getting ready. We're photographing the dress and the shoes in the bedroom next door, we're photographing the bridesmaids as they wait for your wedding car to arrive. We're usually there when the groom and his guys are getting ready too!

No one else gets to be in so many places and see so much on a wedding day.

I always say that a good wedding photographer will also be a wedding planner, a friend and a guest on your big day. They will help you to work out timings for your wedding breakfast, they'll tell you that when you're having your hair done be sure to wear a button-up top so you don't ruin an hours’ worth of curling and hair-spraying. 

A good photographer will tell you to dry the stems of your bouquet so as to not wet your dress. Most of all you'll learn to trust them so you can relax, safe in the knowledge that this person will be capturing the special moments of your big day so that you will have memories that you can cherish for the rest of time. 

A good photographer will be the best investment on your wedding day

I've learnt from my own wedding that a photographer is one of the most important people you’ll have working for you on your wedding day. You've no doubt spent months, perhaps even years planning and organising every last detail – your venue, your shoes, your flowers and of course the beautiful dress you've always been dreaming of.

Why leave the wedding photos to chance?

Your wedding day photo’s should last a lifetime and serve as a wonderful reminder of your wedding day in years to come. Your own children and future generations should be able to look through your wedding album and see how perfect and beautiful the biggest day of your life truly was.

My Belief

High end cameras are becoming ever-more popular and affordable - even mobile phones are now capable of taking some impressive images - but it is not the camera that makes a picture – it’s the photographer. It takes a photographers eye to make a truly timeless image and that is something you can’t always learn.

My Style

If you were to categorise my style of photography it would be a combination of Detail & Reportage. I like to fill the frame with the magic of the moment as it happens - that first kiss, the first dance and the softly closed eyes when during those tender moments. I like to capture all those little moments too, the ones that are often unseen or forgotten. Having said that I do like to get involved if I need to - I can direct and pose to help create some stunning beauty shots when it comes the bride and groom time. I can pose and shape brides to make them even more beautiful than they already are.

The Guild of Photographers

The Guild of Photographers is an association for professional photographers. As a member of The Guild I must adhere to the Guild's code of conduct. That being:

  • Behave in such a manner befitting their professional status
  • Exercise professionalism, care and diligence in the discharge of duties for clients and an agreement to fulfill the obligations of any contracts agreed with them, other than subject to matters outside their control
  • Have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance once they have achieved 'Qualified' status or higher